CONTINENTAL STRUCTURES EAST AFRICA LIMITED is a registered company and was incorporated in Kenya under company’s Act (Cap 486).

The company is manned by professionals who purposely provide diversified services mainly on engineering services. The firm caters the needs for civil and structural design, detailing, roofing works and mechanical engineering contractors, fabrication & erection of almost all imaginable structural.

Continental Structural East Africa Limited is equipped with the latest design and detailing software to ensure the accuracy of its engineering personnel’s output in addition to expertise of its current employees.

Our firm has all the available machines and equipments, which is necessary in designing, roofing, fabricating, erecting structures in the soonest possible time. In addition the company avoids productions error and ensures quality of its delivered services and products.

We able to design, fabricate and erect different types of structures such as buildings, warehouse, pipe racks, platforms, equipment support and other which can be used for commercial, industrial and other purposes. We also do different miscellaneous to compliment main structures such as ladders, staircases, caged, handrail and others.

Our firms very flexible in providing the needs of our different clients.

The management of Continental Structures E.A Ltd upholds quality, uniqueness and customer satisfaction as prime principles of business.


To be a constantly growing brand in structural & fabrication industry and its allied service support.


To provide quality fabrication, installation and erection of structural at a fair and competitive price.

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Recent Projects

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  • Shade_Factory__-_Continetal_Structures_East_Africa_Ltd.jpg
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KenIndia House, Suite 13, Industrial Area, Road A, Plot 14,

Off Enterprise Road, Indusrial Area.

P.O. Box 8935-00300,

Nairobi (K)

T: +254 202 587 376 / +254 202 587 342

M: +254 721 770 669/ +254 711 676 182

E: info@continentalstructures.co.ke

W: www.continentalstructures.co.ke